Clone Church
although it is built upon an earlier monastic foundation, dedicated to St. Aidan. St. Aidan was born
in County Cavan to a tribal chieftain around 550 AD. and he was a student of St. Finnian at Clonard
and was ordained in Pembrokeshire Wales before returning to Ireland in 580 AD. He founded
churches in Wexford at Clone and Clongeen, and a plaque on the wall at Ferns Cathedral indicates
that he died 31ST January 632 AD and his remains lie beneath the church. The present remains of
This Romanesque parish church of Clone, is presently situated within a rectangular graveyard, the
church consist of a western gable and western part of the south wall, which survive to roof level. The
other surviving walls have a maximum height of 1.5m, and the church has dimensions of 16.95m
east-west by 8.3m north-south. The western doorway is lintelled with batter and chevrons on the
architrave mouldings, but was originally round headed. There are seven heads and a stone with
dogtooth decoration set over the door.
The church at Clone is located south of the town of Ferns.

Co-ordinates:- 52 34' 6.278"N...6 30' 17.764"W