Killamery High Cross
Saint Goban Find is reputed to have
been the founder of the original
monastery here at Killamery which is
located 6 km SW of Callan  far from
the modern ruined church. The High
Cross, which has been dated to the
9th century, is richly ornamented
with a variety of geometric motifs.
The west face of the cross has a
stag-hunting scene, a
chariot-procession and panels
possibly representing the Lord
Sanctifying the Seventh Day, and
Adam and Eve after expulsion from
Paradise. The east face is largely
decorated with serpents and
marigolds. At the end of the north
arm of the cross are four scenes
arranged in a square, probably
illustrating the life of St. John the
Baptist, while the south arm has
Noah's Ark.
On the west side of the expanded butt of the cross is an inscription read as " OR DO
MAELSECHNAILL " ( a prayer of Maelsechnaill), the High King of Ireland (846-862 AD). The cross
had a capstone which was used locally as a cure for headaches and the two bullaun stones are located
at the base of the cross.
The High Cross of Killamery is located east of the N76, just before the junction with the R690 at Ninemilehouse.

Co-ordinates:- 52 28' 30.03"N...7 26' 43.677"W