Bealick Wedge Tomb
County Cork
This well-preserved wedge tomb, not marked on the Ordnance Survey 6 inch maps in 1841 but later marked as
‘Cromlech’ & ‘Dolmen’, is located near the summit of a west facing slope of the River Laney valley, the
Boggeragh Mountains to the north & north-east, 1.5 km NE of Macroom (Maigh Chromtha). The tomb
consists of a small chamber covered by a single roof-stone aligned WNW-ESE. The pear-shaped roof-stone
rests on the three side-stones but not on the back-stone & measures 3.65m in length, 2.25m in width at the
middle & 0.35m in depth, set in a sloping position, pointed end to the west. The chamber is formed by two
orthostats on the north side; one on the south and a back-stone at the east. The easterly stone on the north-side
measures 1m in length, 0.95m in height & 0.25m in depth. The other measures 0.95m in length, 0.90m in
height & 0.20m in depth. The opposite side-stone measures 1.70m in length, 0.90m in height & 0.30m in depth
& the back-stone measures 1.60m in length, 0.90m in height & 0.30m in depth. The gallery measures 2m in
length, 1.25-1.05m in width (E-W) & 1.15m - 0.80m in height (E-W). Two loose stone at the east end, 1m in
height are not in situ. A single out-wall stone is present at the south-side. According to de Valera & O
Nualláin, there are no indications of a surrounding mound (1982, 17, Co. 23.)
When visiting this monument, visitors should request permission from the landowner. Please, do not litter or disturb the monument as it is
protected under the National Monuments Acts 1930-2004. The use or possession of Metal Detectors is illegal on archaeological sites under
Section 2 of the National Monuments Act 1987 (as amended). For further information regarding the protection of monuments in the
Republic of Ireland, visit the National Monuments Service web-site @
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