The Rath of Ballytrant
Rath of Ballytrent, County Wexford

South of Rosslare harbour, Co. Wexford. ‘References date from c. 1680 (JRSAI
1862-3, 63). Slightly domed circular area (diam. 62m from base of bank) defined by
earthen bank (Wth 9m; int. and ext. H 3m) separated by berm (Wth 6.5-8.5m) from
outer bank (Wth 11-15.5m; int. H 4-4.5m; ext. H 5.5m). Converted into ornamental
garden with tunnels through banks and masonry wall (H 1.5-2.5m) retaining
outside of outer bank (max. ext. diam. c. 120m). No original entrances or excavated
fosses visible. (Source: National Monuments Service)’
RMP No.:-WX048-049
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The Rath of Ballytrant Bar.y of Forth, County Wexford (1799)
by Austin Cooper (1759-1830)