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The Rath, at Loughlin-Bridge
‘Shown on 1839 'OS 6-inch' map as circular enclosure (max. D c. 35m). No visible
surface traces. Standing stone (CW023-023) on site. First and subsequent
descriptions of standing stone do not mention enclosure. (JRSAI 1965, 64-6).
(Source: National Monuments Service)’
52 44' 10.19"N...6 58' 10.09"W
RMP No.:-CW012-071
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The Rath, at Loughlin-Bridge, Co. of Carlow (1820)
by John Greig (1801-1828), engraver by Jaspar Robert Joly, (1819-
1892), donor by George Petrie (1790-1866)
‘Excursions through Ireland’ (Longman & Co., Paternoster Row)