This fine intact Wedge Tomb, marked on all editions of the OS maps as 'Dermot &
Grania's Bed', is located in the town-land of Carrowcrom, (*An Cheathrú Chrom,
meaning 'bent or inclining quarter(land)', which is SW of the village of
Bunnyconnellan, (*Muine Chonalláin, meaning 'little Connell's brake or thicket'), and
east-south-east of the town of Ballina, (*Béal an Átha, meaning 'mouth of the ford').
The tomb, orientated NE-SW with the entrance at the SW, is situated in good open
pasture land with the Cregganalara River, a small tributary of the Yellow river (*An
Abhainn Bhuí), to the SW and fine views of the Ox Mountains (*Sliabh Gamh) to the
NE & East. Over-all the monument is in a near perfect condition and consists of a
chamber 3.1m in length, 1.4-1.2m in width, lined by two side-stones on either side
forming a near perfect wedge shape. There are two over-lapping roof-stones, each 2m
in length, gently sloping to the back and the 1st two side-stones, along with two erect
orthostats, form a frontal facade, between which are smaller slabs forming dry-stone
walling. The entire structure is surrounded by a small, U-shaped cairn, 6m in length,
6.5m in width at the west end and 1.5m in height at the west end, decreasing in height
towards the east. A wonderfully, preserved wedge tomb well worth a visit.
* Placenames Database of Ireland 2016
54 5' 21.74"N...9 2' 49.05"W
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