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This huge Court tomb, 2nd only to Creevykeel in County Sligo in size, is marked on
both the Historic and OS maps as 'Cromlech', is located on a peninsula, overlooking
Annagh Island and Blacksod Bay to the west and SW of the town of Ballycroy, 'Baile
Chruaich'. The tomb, orientated NNW - SSE, consists of a large gallery, 8m in total
length, divided into three separate chambers. The entrance to the 1st chamber is
marked by two large orthostats, 2m in height, and is lined by two side-stones, 1.6m in
height, on each side. The 2nd chamber is marked by two thin orthostats, 2m in height,
with a full width blocking stone across. This chamber has a single, long side-stone on
the north side and two on the south side, with a gap for a possible 3rd. The final
chamber, 3m in length, has one remaining roof-stone in place at the rear, with a
possible 2nd roof-stone lying on the chamber floor. The roof-stone has Rock-Art on the
SW side, consisting of two, possible three, well defined Cup-Marks. Some of the court,
3m in width, survives, most notably on the north side and on the south side is a curious
single orthostat of red sandstone that has been worn by the sea and is markedly
different from the other huge stones making up this structure. Its purpose or function
is unknown. The cairn survives on the north, east and south but has eroded away on the
west side. Access is from a driveway leading to the farm-house and the friendly
land-owner is quite happy for visitors to enter.
53 58' 45.251"N...9 49' 55.094"W