Marked on the Historical maps as ‘Dermot & Grania’s Bed’ on the modern OSI
(DS 2nd Ed. No. 33) map as ‘megalithic tomb’, is situated in rolling pasture 5 miles
east of Boyle (Mainistir na Búille), west of Lough Eidin, on the grounds of Carrick-
on-Shannon (Cora Droma Rúise) Golf Club. Excavated by Ruaidhrí de Valera &
Seán Ó 'Nualláin, it is described as a fairly well preserved, largely un-roofed, long
gallery measuring 8.5m E-W; 1-1.7m N-S, aligned c. E-W, surrounded by a U-
shaped outer wall. The gallery is divided into a short portico measuring1.5m by 1.5
m at the west, separated from the main chamber by a high septal stone which is 0.4
m higher than the side-stones. The east end of the gallery is covered by a roof-stone
measuring 3.20m in length (E-W), 2.30m in width (N-S) & 0.45m in depth. There
are seven well-match side-stones on the north (H. 0.25-0.85) and ten well-match
side-stones on the south side (H. 0.20-0.60m), and with one lintel at the east end.
The west end is separated by a septal stone from a portico measuring1.5m by 1.5m,
which has two facade stones (H. 0.45-0.60m) to the north. It was within a
trapezoidal cairn or mound measuring approx; 10m E-W; 2.5m N-S at the east to
7.5m N-S at the west, defined by kerbstones at the north & south. It is now visible as
a circular, rounded and grass-covered mound measuring 24m; 1.6-2m in height
with the capstone of the gallery just visible on its summit.
53°57'47"...N 8°10'24"…W
SMR No.:-RO006-171
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R. de Valera & S. Ó Nualláin ‘Survey of Megalithic Tombs of Ireland’ Vol. 3
(Dublin 1972)
Usna Wedge Tomb, Co. Roscommon
Usna Wedge Tomb 2015
Image Plate 12 from the south ‘Survey of
Megalithic Tombs of Ireland’ Vol. 3 (Dublin 1972)
Plan Figure 20 ‘Survey of Megalithic Tombs of
Ireland’ Vol. 3 (Dublin 1972)