Biniparratx Petit Talaiotic House
This Talaiotic house of the late talaiotic period (4th-1st centuries BC) with a
hypostyle room attached to it, belonged to the talaiotic village of Biniparratx Petit,
which was originally located close to the southern head of the airport runway at
Maó-Mahón. It was rebuilt on this present site in the spring/summer of 1995. The
hypostyle room was used for storing provisions. It was divided up into different
rooms in the 1st century BC. The dwelling house has a single access door, an open
central yard which contained the hearth and the rainwater collection tank. There
was also a small storage area, two possible bedrooms and two other rooms perhaps
used as workplaces and meeting/eating places etc. with an ash dump. The dwelling
house was abandoned in the second half of the 1st century BC, shortly after the
Roman conquest of the island in 123 BC.
Located at the entrance to Maó-Mahón Airport, Menorca, Spain.
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Biniparratx Petit Talaiotic House