Na Comerma de Sa Garita Monument
Na Comerma de sa Garita is a unique type of monument in the panorama of
Minorcan archaeology. It consists of a large apse-shaped site, covered by large
slabs, that opens onto a large space surrounded by a cyclopean wall, which would
originally have been in the open. The monument forms part of the archaeological
area of Torre d'en Galmés.
The site can be reached by taking the Alaior to Son Bou road. At 2.2kms turn left
along a rural path and go on 1.3 kms to the Torre d'en Galmés settlement. Now
leave the car and continue on foot (some 1000 m.) by the Torre Nova rural path
until you cross a stile into the Na Comerma de sa Garita and Ses Roques Llises
megalithic tomb site.
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Na Comerma de Sa Garita