Rafal Rubí Naveta (South) Chambered Tomb
The Rafal Rubí archaeological site of consists of two funerary navetas dated
between the Middle and Late Bronze Age, between 1150 and 800 BC., although
materials have also been found in the area that date from the fifteenth century A.D.,
suggesting that they continued in use until mediaeval times. The Navetas at Rafal
Rubí are part of a class of funeral sepulchres that are exclusive to Menorca whose
original function was funerary, so these burial navetas were typical of their era.
Bodies were introduced via the narrow corridor and placed on the floor of the
funeral chamber, not covered by earth. The groove that can be seen around the
entrance hole to the chamber indicates that it was closed with a slab or gate.
Access from the Me-1 main road. Leaving Maó for Alaior, at 6.6km turn off to the
right onto a rural path. Some 100 metres beyond that, to the left of the path, is the
entrance to the monument.
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Rafal Rubi Naveta South