Ses Roques Llises Megalithic Tomb
The megalithic tomb at Ses Roques Llises is one of the most ancient constructions
on Menorca and was built around 2000 B.C., between the Late Chalcolithic and the
early Bronze Age. It forms part of a large site around the archaeological complex of
Torre d'en Galmés. The tomb consisted of a rectangular burial chamber formed by
six slabs, a passage way and the whole chamber would originally have been covered
by stone and earth tumulus that gave it a hemispherical appearance. Only the plinth
of the tumulus has been preserved. Access is by a corridor leading to the central
chamber through a circular opening in the slabs of the façade. The corpses of the
deceased were carried to the burial chamber through the narrow passage way and
perforated slab of stone. Once the corpses were reduced to skeletons, the bones
were laid on the bottom and sides of the burial chamber to leave space for new
inhumations. Men, women and children were buried in these monuments which
were in use between 2000 and 1450 BC.
The site can be reached by taking the Alaior to Son Bou road. At 2.2kms turn left
along a rural path and go on 1.3 kms to the Torre d'en Galmés settlement. Now
leave the car and continue on foot (some 1000 m.) by the Torre Nova rural path
until you cross a stile into the Ses Roques Llises megalithic tomb and Na Comerma
de sa Garita site.
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Ses Roques Llises Megalithic Tomb