Talatí de Dalt Talayotic Settlement
The archaeological area of Talatí de Dalt is one of the most emblematic on the
island, due to both its good state of conservation and its unusual taula. It consists of
a talayotic settlement with its necropolis of artificial caves. It has preserved some
important monuments and structures like caves (where burials and funerary rites
were held), the taula sanctuary, sections of wall, talayotic houses, and several
chambers with columns and stone roofs. This is a medium-sized settlement, which
in its heyday accommodated nearly a hundred people. Their community must have
consisted of livestock breeders and farmers, to judge from the pottery and animal
remains found and was in use from 850 to 123 BC.
Latitude: 39°53'34.3"N
Longitude: 4°12'55.3"E
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Talati de Dalt Talayotic settlement