Torelló Talayot
The Torelló settlement of is one of the biggest settlements in Maó, although it is
hard to appreciate its scale since it was badly damaged by farming and construction
works on the northern extension of the airport. Remains include two talayots,
remains of a talayotic house and a water collection system, although in the
neighbouring grounds further remains of structures have been documented which
indicate the possible extent of this settlement. Foundations of houses and a couple
of hypogeums have been found. One of the main interests of the site is undoubtedly
the great Torelló talayot, the most spectacular on the island for its monumental
scale. One special feature of the talayot is that it conserves a portal with lintels in
the upper part of the monument, leading to a circular chamber.
From the Me-12 Maó to Sant Climent road. Between 3km and 4km, on the right,
turn down the rural path for Torellent and 600 metres further on you find the site.
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Torello Talayot