Torralba d’en Salort Talayotic Settlement
This is one of the largest and most spectacular prehistoric settlements in Minorca.
The settlement's high point occurred during the Carthaginian commercial
expansion, but it was in use until the mediaeval era. It consists of two talayots, the
taula enclosure, a hypostyle hall, some caves excavated into the subsoil and other
remnants of buildings in the surrounding area. The taula and its area are the most
spectacular remains of this settlement. This is a building for worship, in the form
of a horseshoe with side chapels. The taula itself consists of two large blocks of
stone, one vertical and the other horizontal, magnificently crafted. During various
digs held in this area, a figure of a bronze bull and other objects of worship were
found near a stone altar, today on display in the Museum of Minorca.
Access by the Alaior to Cala en Porter road. The settlement is 3km, to the right.
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