Torre d’en Galmés Talayotic Settlement
The talayotic settlement of Torre d'en Galmés, extending over six hectares, the
biggest in Minorca and one of the biggest in the Balearic Islands. The settlement is
highly monumental and preserves a great diversity of constructions of a remarkable
quality. It is set on a hill, from which there is a perfect panoramic view over most of
the south coast of Minorca. This privileged setting added to the three talayots lead
specialists to think that Torre d'en Galmés exercised some degree of supremacy
over the rest of the settlements on the island. It was occupied during the Early
Bronze Age, around 1,600 B.C., and judging from the remains found, remained so
until the mediaeval era. In its heyday, from 1,300 B.C. until the Roman Era, some
900 persons must have lived there. The Torre d'en Galmés site consists of a large
number of constructions, among them its three talayots, numerous circular
talayotic houses, the taula enclosure, a hypostyle hall, a water collection system and
up to four hypogeums than would originally have had a funerary function. The area
now forms part of a museum and has an interpretation centre that is well worth
calling in on before your visit.
Reached by the Alaior to Son Bou road. At the 2.2km, turn left along a rural path
and continue for 1.3km to reach the site.
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Torre den Galmes talayotic setlement