Trepucó Talayotic Settlement
Trepucó is one of the largest talayotic settlements on Minorca, covering nearly
5,000 square metres, and originally a walled site. Only a small part of the
settlement has survived: some sections of the perimeter wall, two square towers,
two talayots, the taula enclosure and the remains of some dwellings. The dwellings
are perfectly visible in the western part of the settlement thanks to past excavations
and consist of polylobed houses with central courtyard and several surrounding
rooms. Its destruction and hurried abandonment during the Second Punic War
means that excavation revealed some admirably conserved domestic items, now
displayed in the Museum of Minorca. The biggest talayot and the taula are set in
the centre of a star-shaped dry-stone fort built in the eighteenth century by Spanish
troops besieging the Castle of Sant Felipe, in British hands.
LAccess by the Trepucó rural path which runs past the Hermitage of the Virgin of
Gracia and Maó cemetery. Follow the signs to reach the settlement. Continue for
approximately 1.5 km along the path. Alternatively, by taking the Maó - Sant Lluis
road, or from Es Castellet.
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