Laccaneddu Tomba di Giganti
This is a perfectly preserved tomb, however, there is no trace of the stele. It is
oriented to the East-West, it has a length of 7.10 m and a width of 280 m., the
remaining part of the structure has a maximum width of 6.60 m. The tomb consists
of a single row of large blocks. Behind the apse of the tomb there is an
arrangement of stones that could be that of a dolmen.

40°30'41.9"N 8°26'16.7"E

From Villanova take the S.S. 292 for Alghero, and after a few kilometres take the
right turn leading to Putifigari. After about 3 km., a few meters from the street is
the site.
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Laccaneddu Tomba di Giganti