Necropoli di Anghelu Ruju
Anghelu Ruju is one of Sardinia's major archaeological sites. It is a necropolis
dating back to the Ozieri era (3300 BC) and was in use until the Bonnanaro Era
(1600 BC - 1500 BC). It comprises 37 underground rock cut tombs, some very
ornate with carvings mostly of bulls’ horns. Some traces of red paint remain from
prehistoric times too. The rock that the tombs is carved from is calcareous
sandstone. Discovered by accident in 1903 there have been several excavations at
the necropolis: 1904-1908, 1936 and 1967 with reconstruction work in 1994. The
tombs have steps, alcoves, architraves, pillars and side and inner chambers. Finds
have included pot sherds, charcoal, shells and animal bones, shell and stone
ornamental objects, vessels, stone and bronze weapons and goddess idols. Across
the road at the Sella & Mosca Vineyard there is a museum displaying many of the
finds. The site is easy to find, located on the road to Fertilia airport with a car park
and ticket and information office.
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Necropoli di Anghelu Ruju