Necropoli di Puttu Codinu
The Necropolis of Puttu Codinu (3,500 BC) consists of nine underground Neolithic
graves/tombs excavated into the rock facing Lake Temo, that surrounds the
medieval town of Montelone Roccadoria, and the nature park of Monte Minerva.
Among the limestone banks that characterize the area, there are two low outcrops
placed side by side, with a slightly sloping rock face, in which a Necropolis was
carved. One outcrop houses the Tombs I - II, while the other houses the Tombs III -
IX, with entrances orientated towards E/SE. Depending on the morphology, the
entrances are preceded by a short dromoi (corridors dug into the rock) sometimes
leading to a pavilion (Tombs II, VIII & IX), where the access door opens. The
tombs are all multicellular, mainly characterized by a 'T-shaped' plan; some
asymmetries suggest that expansion works have been carried out. Tomb VIII is the
most interesting of the Necropolis, where the shape of the Neolithic hut is
reproduced with sculptured gable roof, a false window facing East and huge bull
horns carved on the four sides of the room. An 18cm tall little statue carved from
white limestone representing the Mother Goddess has also been found inside this
tomb. Tomb IX it is possible to see two juxtaposed hemispherical cupels. Tomb VII
there are two menhirs and a flat slab, probably symbols of the funeral area that
included the Tombs VIII-IX.
The necropolis is located 4 miles from Villanova Montelone.
40°29'11.5"N 8°31'07.9"E
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Necropoli di Puttu Codinu