The Hut of the Reunions
(La Capanna Delle Riunion)
La Capanna Delle Riunion (The Hut of the Reunions), especially stands out in the
surrounding village of the Nuraghe. It's substantial size, with a diameter of 12m
and certain characteristics, a bench all around the internal wall - suggests its use
as a meeting place. The hut, constructed around the 12th - 10th centuries BC, has a
bench running all around the wall, interrupted on the north side by a rectangular
cistern made of stone slabs; above this an arched niche, and next to it is a fine
decorated sandstone stool. In the middle of the hut a circular base of triangular
blocks supports a small pillar, shaped like a Nuragic tower, suggesting a cult of the
nuragic tower itself. Archaeological excavations revelled a considerable quantity of
pottery, amber beads and decorated bronze arm-rings.
Located within the complex of Palmavera Nuraghe.
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The Hut Of The Reunions