Blessing Stone/Answer Stone Burial Chamber
Earliest records show that this stone was known as ‘Carreg Ateb’ (Answer Stone)
as calling across the river at this point produces an echo. Legend has it that the
Abbot of St. Dogmael’s blessed the river & fishing boats here, hence its modern
name. the tradition has recently been revived. What is now called the ‘Blessing
Stone’ may well have been the capstone of a dolmen that stood on level ground
above, where the view is spectacular. Nearby, lie other stones that may have been
the original uprights used to support the capstone. The Blessing Stone is of very
similar shape to the Llech_Y_Drybedd capstone. Capstone shapes often mirror the
local landscape.
Latitude: 52.083624N Longitude: 4.680983W
The Blessing Stone/Answer Stone is situated next to a small public park on the
banks of the Teifi estuary.
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Carreg Ateb - Answer Stone - Blessing Stone