Carreg Sampson Burial Chamber
A burial chamber consisting of a capstone, 4.7m by 2.7m and 1.0m thick, resting on
3 of 6 stones, 1.1m-2.2m high, defining a chamber. Excavation in 1968, revealed
four additional stone-holes, one having supported a further chamber stone, the
others indicating a possible passage leading off to the NW. Scant traces of a
covering cairn were found to the S and it was shown that the monument had been
raised over an amorphous pit, at least 5.25m by 8.0m and 0.8m deep, filled with clay
and stones. Finds included a small quantity of burnt bone, probably human, pottery
and flints, the last of which may have been residual or curated.
(source OS495 card; SM83SW9)

J.Wiles 14.05.2002
Latitude: 51.958335N Longitude: 5.132919W
Located close to the village of Mathry on the coast adjacent to a public footpath.
Park beside the bay and take foot-path.
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Carreg Sampson Chambered Tomb