Gors Fawr Stone Circle
Gors Fawr Stone Circle stands on a moor close to the village of Mynachlog-ddu in
the shadow of the Preseli Mountains. This near-perfect circle of 16 stones,
measures about 22m in diameter and 8 of the stones are of spotted dolerite, the
famous ‘bluestone’ sourced as being from the Carn Meini outcrops to the north.
The circle which dates from the late Neolithic or early Bronze Age had according to
antiquarian reports, an avenue leading to the two outliers, which are found 200m to
the NNE of circle. Although the stones are on the small size, the astounding
location of this circle more than makes up for it. A recent geo-phys survey by the
SPACES project, searching for any buried structures which might lie hidden
beneath the circle, revealed nothing. The conclusion is that this monument
probably looks much the same today as it did to its late Neolithic or Bronze Age
builders. Nearby is a pair of standing stones which appears to frame the distant
Carn Menyn outcrop when viewed from the south-west.
Latitude: 51°.931588N
Longitude: 4°.714677W
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Gors Fawr Stone Circle