The Steynton Ogham Stone
The stone was found in 1875 or earlier and used as a gravestone in the churchyard
(near the south-east end of the church) from 1875. The ogham inscription was first
recognised in 1880 and it was described as a ‘Pillar stone with an engraved cross on
one face, and an Ogham inscription along the left edge’. It was being used as a
gravestone in Victorian times, with an epitaph to T. Harries (died 30 January 1875)
who reputedly found the stone. The stone measures 1.24m × 0.51m × 0.27m and the
inscription reads ‘GENDILI’: (The stone) of Gendilius. Nash-Williams date the
stone as 400–533 (1950), while Thomas later dates it to 466–499 (1994).
Current location inside the Church of St Peter and St Cewydd, Steynton.
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