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Cavan Burren
"A Relict Landscape"
This new web-site is dedicated to the area known as ‘The Burren’ in County Cavan. The Burren
is in every respect a "relict" landscape. Its funereal monuments, habitation sites and fields
survive from prehistoric times. “Prototype tombs” are in fact modified glacial erratics which
have been used for funereal purposes and they have not been found anywhere else in Ireland.
This new web-site was set up, to log photos and information on ancient stones and sites that they
visit around Ireland. It also gives directions to the sites, background history of the site and
archaeology survey references if available. The site is updated regularly with photos and videos
as they visit each site.

Photos and descriptions from selected monuments in all 32 counties by Anthony Weir.
This web-site, by artist & researcher Martin Byrne features a large collection of ancient
megalithic sites, mythology, art and astronomy, with some virtual tours. The site is especially
informative on the main Sligo sites, it also contains a comprehensive section on the Boyne
Valley complex.
Prehistoric Waterford
A new web site dedicated to the many megalithic sites throughout the
county of Waterford, with excellent photos, descriptions and directions.
Darragh Cottages are a group of four beautifully restored stone cottages on the
Cork-Limerick border in the heart of southern Ireland.
Situated in their own Victorian stone walled garden, the cottages, run by Gerry &
Maura Boylan, are an ideal escape from everyday life. The surrounding fields form
the grounds of a Georgian House which include an award-winning wildlife garden.
The estate is accessed by a tree-lined drive way which extends from the nearest road
a quarter of a mile away.
The society was founded in 1849 in Kilkenny,'to preserve, examine and illustrate all
ancient monuments and memorials of the arts, manners and customs of the past, as
connected with antiquities, language, literature and history of Ireland.
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