MARCH 2014
Ballyhoneen Wedge Tomb
County Kerry
This great wedge tomb is sited on the highest point on a low ridge to the east of the Scorid river, ‘An Scóraid’,
which has its source in Loughadoon, ‘Loch an Dúin’, located NW of Sleivenagower, ‘Slí an gCorr’, on the
Dingle Peninsula, Co. Kerry. It consists of a narrow wedge-shaped gallery which is roofed by two large over-
lapping capstones. It is 4m in length, 1.5m in width at the west narrowing to 1.1m in the east which lacks a
back-stone. Two outer-wall stones are present on the north side and one on the south-side while a standing
stone on the west-end of the gallery supports the upper capstone. The tomb is partially buried by peat bog and
the chamber is filled with water occasionally to a depth of 0.2m. It is 2m SW of the tomb. Cuppage (1986, pp.
20-6), noticed, that ‘three of the stones of the gallery bear rock art designs’. They include 12 shallow cup-
marks, a penannular circle, a single cup-and-circle & 2 other ‘possible’ cup-marks.
RMP No. KE035-073001
52 12' 21.309"N...10 9' 17.041"W
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Ballyhoneen Wedge Tomb, County Kerry