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This megalithic tomb, not marked on any editions of the OS maps, is located in
excellent, open pasture-land, on the east side of a small valley, on a gentle south facing
slope next to a  small stream, a tributary of the Clodiagh River (*An Chlóideach), itself
a tributary of the River Suir (*An tSiúir). The town-land of Oldgrange (*An
tSeanghráinseach) is 6km east of the village of Rathgormuck (*Ráth Ó gCormaic,
meaning 'Cormac's fort) & 6km south of the town of Carrick-on-Suir (*Carraig na
Siúire, meaning 'the rock on the Suir). The monument, orientated NE-SW, is 3m east
of the N-S flowing stream and consists of a large conglomerate stone, 2.9m in length,
2.3m max. in width and 0.35m in depth, resting on the ground at the north-east end and
on a surface boulder, which measures 0.5m in height, 0.9m in width and 0.65m in
depth at south west end. There is a hollow, 0.6m in diameter and 0.1m in depth on the
upper surface but this has been interpreted as damage. A large slab to the north, 1.5m x
0.9m, may have been part of the structure but this is not definitive. The floor area
underneath the roof-stone is more compacted than the surrounding ground outside and
is possibly the original chamber floor.

* Placenames Database of Ireland 2017
52 17' 25.144"N...7 23' 53.103"W